Get the look with Sandhra Johnsson

I love expressing myself through color and shape, so working as a hair & make-up artist is something that really is a passion for me. Over the years, I've had the luxury of working with everything from Hollywood artists to a few years ago living in Saigon (also Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) where I worked on developing a makeup brand. It was therefore extra fun to play Asian Haute Couture together with these amazing Galia Lahav dresses.

The super-blonde hair together with the red lips give a cool contrast to the look. To further strengthen the blonde effect, I have chosen to create a lot of hair in the hair by using dry shampoo and brushing out the curly hair. Many people usually have trouble attracting them, and I would highly recommend Fabricate 03 from Redken. You spray the product on dry hair before it is attracted, then keep it perfectly.

When it comes to makeup, I have used Laura Mercier products as a base, her foundations are absolutely amazing. They melt in perfectly in the sky while giving a natural glow and also have SPF 15. For me, shading is one of the most important for getting a perfect make-up. I have worked with highlights around my eyes and on the parties, I wanted to enlarge or give extra focus. It is important to remember that light intensifies while dark decreases.

Less is more and therefore I have chosen to mark my eyes with only one eyeliner topped with mascara and then put all the focus on the lips. To get the perfect red lips I used products from NARS. I started by applying a red lip to shape the contours. I sculpted the shape by using two different shades on lipstick. The lighter lipstick is applied in the middle of the lips for a magnifying effect.