What is Dermaplaning?

 Photo copyright Huda Kattan

Photo copyright Huda Kattan

Dermaplaning? The skilled name was given to the facial shave, this beauty trend popularized in Youtube makes a debate. If one can believe it, this amazing technique was one of the beauty secrets of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, who owed him their skin flawless grains.

More recently, the makeup guru Huda Kattan (founder of the brand Huda Beauty) explaining in a tutorial video viewed hundreds of thousands of times why she was shaving the face.

Shave in one step to get rid of our unwanted fuzz and accumulated dead skin cells, while increasing the effectiveness of care applied to penetrate that all the better on the skin thus exfoliated. Best alloyed with ultra-soft baby skin, shaving also guarantees a better hold of the make-up.

On the other hand, it has anti-aging properties and lessens lines and wrinkles, as evidenced by the skin of men, often more plump and firm than those of their female counterparts.

Dermatologists and skincare experts, explain that the male sex owes the increased firmness of his skin to a higher sebum rate than that of women and the fact that the male skin is substantially thicker.

Viral and provocative, female shaving trend is raising, and dermatologists agree on one point: the fact of shaving the hair will make it thick to the touch, And increases the risk of irritation and imperfections: the skin is sensitized by razor burn, and the skin barrier becomes more porous to microbes and other allergens.