CROW’S NEST - Bringing fine jewelry to a new contemporary platform

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The CROW’S NEST is the phenomenal fine jewelry line by Daniel-Phillip Belevitch. A dynamic young designer of Russian heritage, with a unique eye for contemporary design, Belevitch created his debut collections through his vision to celebrate uncompromising quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

Daniel-Philip founded Crow’s Nest with a desire to fulfill the void in imaginative fine jewelry for both men and women, and thus created his first collections, ‘Dream Feather’, ‘Believe it or Not’, ‘Deluxe Russian Grooves’, ‘Jungle Fever’, ‘Who Needs A Rose?’,‘Snatch’, ‘Secret Keeper’ and ‘Amulet’. His ethos is to create striking fine jewelry to satisfy the wildest of imaginations and specializes in bespoke jewelry design, creating pieces beyond limitations.

Nature plays inspiration to Crow’s Nest, capturing the magnificence of our natural world into elegant statement pieces. The majesty of jewels is showcased throughout the exquisite collections using only the finest precious and semi stones including white and black diamonds, garnet, blue topaz and also black spinel beads in his first collection. Each piece is set in 18kt gold with a vivid pear-shaped green Tsavorite, signature to each CROW’S NEST design.

“My interpretation of the fine art and antiques which filled my home as a child influenced my vision for the jewelry designs that you see in my collections today. I believe the best inspiration comes from the past, embracing the history that has shaped our presence today. My collections are not confined to any mold, I want each piece to be visually breathtaking in design and bring fine jewelry to a new contemporary platform.”

How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?

I gather ideas for new collections on a daily basis, everything from nature to dreams. I tend to always have a new collection and mind and can't wait to start creating. I try to make each piece unique and one of a kind so a lot of thoughts and consideration goes into each piece.

Are you a realist or fantasist?

Fantasist but sometimes have to be more of a realist for the client's sake.

How big is the accessory business today from when you started?

I feel like its constantly growing and gets more and more impact. People tend to be bolder and more extravagant with their  jewelry choices these days, which, of course, support a 100%

What materials and techniques do you favor?

Diamonds is the obvious option as it makes every piece of jewelry step up a notch, but I have a great love for pear-shaped Tsavorites. It is a stone that I tend to place on most of my creations in a random place to give it that little extra.

Do you have a favorite accessory designer that you admire? 

Glenn Spiro is a jeweler that I admire. He puts a lot of effort and design in each piece that he releases, and I believe that is essential to be able to create something beautiful and timeless.

What inspired your current collection?

Uniqueness. My new collection is called "One and only " and is based on unique and special gemstones. The idea is to enhance big rocks and almost let them do the talking. The stones range from 50 carats to 250 carats.

And its a limited collection with each piece being limited to one.

What’s next for Crow's Nest Jewels?

The launch of the new collection "One and only" and also a new project called "Raven by Crows Nest. It is going to be an underline from CROW’S NEST, with more affordable but yet just as much design invested jewelry.

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