Fall / Winter Issue 2018


The Fashion Issue

The inexorable rise of social media stars must be one
of the defining points of this decade. Tech platforms
have enabled everyone and anyone with a phone in
their hand to become their own brand – and the world
is now awash with people sharing their thoughts and
wardrobes; starting conversations, inspiring ideas and
shaping the way we live and think.
Separating the good from the mediocre, and the authentic,
trustworthy voices from the commercially
driven pouters can take some sifting – which is what
we’ve done in this issue. We discuss the past and future
of blogging, and follow up with an interview with
Sweden’s Angelica Blick on page 34.
This month’s cover star is 90s supermodel Anna
Klevhag. A very timely choice, I think, to front the
autumn/winter issue in which our very own Le Prestige
fashion experts have been toiling away to bring you the
best of these seasons’ collections.
Le Prestige is a hotline to designers and high street
brands, with unrivalled access to the best pieces for
every trend. With enviable personal style and how to
wear the latest trends, I guarantee you’ll like what we
have in store for you this month (kicks off from page 12)

Skärmbild (1281).png

We also take you to a jewelled jungle with Katerina Perez
and her latest editorial, which includes the best of
the high-end jewellery market, followed by this year’s
colour trends, as well as the best selection of timeless
pieces from the Art Basel world (starts on page 38).
Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s new brand of cosmetics, is
unique in that it includes just one lipstick, and 40
shades of foundation. You’ll find all you need to know
about it on page 58, plus the latest beauty tips and
Our travel journey includes Morocco’s golf tournament,
the Lalla Meryem Cup, and we speak to Swedish
professional golfer Camilla Lennarth. We then take
you to paradise in the Seychelles, and share with you
the best things to do and our favourite hotels that we
reviewed during our stay – with indescribable, breathtaking
views across the ocean.
I definitely recommend having the Seychelles on everyone’s
bucket list. The Le Prestige team will be
more than happy to assist you to plan your trip to these
beautiful islands.
I hope you will enjoy the read and don’t miss our upcoming
events and competitions. I look forward to
hearing your feedback, and do share your stories and
ideas with us

Yasmine Blidi