Spring / Summer Issue 2018


The Real Issue - Women's Empowerment

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We are living in a time that is unheard of before, #empowerment is the word every #womanhas on her lips and it truly make me glad to see this movement taking form in a way that the firm foundation is now in its place. The confidence we show and having women speaking out makes us #strong. You could say that we are having a sexual revolution, where the behavior and emotions to what is accepted now is much clearer and the definition for what a harassment is now set in all the stories we heard.

This event will be written in history as maybe one of the most important for us women’s. This #movement gives us more tools to encourage and support our younger generation to peruse their #dreams without limiting them, in any way, to become a strong woman of our next generation.

Speaking of dreams, in this issue we had an interview with two #wonderful women’s, @anastasiakiefercouture and @ewaborinwho have perused their dreams and by doing so, decided to not give up! Stories like this should be an example for all of us out there to keep doing what we truly love to do, no matter what.

The hashtag #MeToo is for us all. Not just women, not just victims of sexual harassment and assault by important people, but for every one of us to keep doing what we love and not let others keep us down
I hope this issue will inspire you and that you will enjoy reading it and I wish all of you a wonderful Summer!


Yasmine Blidi