Sofia El Arabi - Moroccan Designer

Sofia El Arabi, Designer of her own brand Bak Chic, Blogger, Stylist, and inspirer Moroccan, carrying a name that means wisdom in a spirit oscillating between the one of an old 85-year-old woman and a 5-year-old child inside a 31-year-old body. Which leads us to an average age of 40. Born in Casablanca, raised in an Australian surf life dream.

Tell me more about Bak Chic

Bakchic is handmade clothes and every single piece is made with love, in an ethnic way. I do not want to be involved in mass production even if I had many opportunities. My creations are for those who maintain a love of detail and beautiful pieces, but most who dream of being unique … the women are all invited. It may be a kind of duty somehow…to really appropriate your culture.

This idea did not just come to me. It literally strikes me. We have always been overexposed to the Western culture of initials and those big red letters that adorn the American Universities sweaters. I wanted the same popular cheering around these identity Arabic lettered sweaters.

What's Moroccan style and fashion for you?

Mixing Arab and Western culture, it is the story of a whole life of speaking both French, English and Arabic in the same sentence, salivating over both French cheeses and Moroccan Couscous at the same table, wearing blue jeans under traditional Jellabas on Friday Mosque prayers... It is not something I can put into words, more worlds maybe.

What are some key things to think about to achieve a Morrocan look?

The trends here are more like two seas that never mix, the Eastern influences and historical legitimacy on the one hand and the Western winds of contemporaneous fashion on the other hand.

What's your favorite clothing item?

My new Moroccan embroidery coat – soon online if everything goes well!