10 Questions to Angelica Blick

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a creative soul, born and raised in Linköping, and now living in Stockholm. I’ve always been imaginative, ever since I was a child, so blogging and creative beautiful content comes very naturally to me. I love imagining a picture, a vlog, a design, or whatever it can be – and making it real! 


What inspired you to start your blog? 

Like I said, I’ve always been creative. I started taking pictures when I was around 14 and then I learned Photoshop. I thought that a blog would be the perfect place to show off my images, while also using as it as a diary for myself. I’m a bit of a perfectionist – in a good way – so I have always paid a lot of attention to my photos and everything I do. I’m a 100% or nothing kind of gal! 


How would you describe your own personal style?

Versatile! I love that you can express yourself in style in any way you feel like, without having to have a certain style. I love to mix things up, so some days I’ll wear classic and minimalistic outfits, then the next day I’ll wear something super-sporty or bohemian. It depends on how I feel! 


Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts? 

My inspiration comes from everywhere and everything, and much of it comes from my own head. 


Who inspires you the most? 

There isn’t one person especially, but I LOVE driven women that stand up for themselves no matter what – women that do their own thing and don’t let anyone put them down. I love women like that. 


Who does your amazing photography? 

 Usually its me when I’m not in the picture myself, but I do often edit them myself anyway – even the pictures of myself. I sometimes collaborate with different photographers, such as Rasmus Lindahl, Ellen Waldton, Emma Svensson or Christian Fang. 


What do you love most about blogging? 

 All the doors it has opened up to me, and all the wonderful stuff I’ve got to do, and all the people I’ve met. It’s something I’m really grateful for and I’m thankful for all the opportunities my blog has given me. Blogging rules!


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

In five years I’ll hopefully have my own successful brand. I’m working on it as we speak. I also want to continue creating amazing content, travel the world, and do even more cool stuff!Love is in the air now, 


so what would you recommend for a perfect Valentine’s Day? 

I think people tend to overdo stuff for Valentine’s Day. But even though I’m a big romantic, I love to just spend the day with the one, or ones I love (boyfriend, friends, family) and have a cosy evening with laughter, good food and maybe a glass of wine or two. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant, it can be at home! 


Name eight things you can’t live without: 

Horrible to say, but…my phone!Camera, to createThe sun and the beachAndré, friends and family (it’s not a product but what the heck, they mean everything)My passportFoodA good eyebrow gelMy NUXE shimmering body oil.


Photo-shoot directed & styled by our Editor in Chief: Yasmine Blidi Photograph: Christofer Zagal