Swiss fashion designer Anastasia Kiefer


The Russian born fashion designer Anastasia Kiefer has been drawing and painting since her childhood. A passion that she nurtured, when she was living in her hometown Moscow.  In the last twenty years she has been living in Zurich, where she has built up a brand around her persona.

‘‘As far as I can remember, I always dreamt of escaping to a world of magic and fantasy. Almost every day, as I came home from school, I drew a new fairy-tale gown.’’

Her successful journey started with one dress, the first dress that she made for herself. 

‘‘I could never find the right dress while shopping, every dress I liked seemed to have hundreds of details I wanted to change. At the same time, I knew exactly to the last detail what I was looking for. With time I started to understand that the perfect dress for me didn’t exist. I had to make it. So I bought the most amazing fabrics, found a good seamstress and made my own first gown. It was an incredible success! The second and the third ones as well. Everybody wanted to know what brand it was. My friends gradually started asking me to make dresses for them. Then friends and relatives of my friends came. Finally, my environment persuaded me to start a brand of my own.’’ 

Anastasia always wears her own designs, she describes her everyday style as elegant and sensual, sometimes romantic. But, as far as her evening gowns are concerned, she would describe it as “glamorous sensuality.” 

Her inspiration comes from her childhood in Russia: fairy tales, poetry and the Russian ballet. Nature is also an underlying source of inspiration for her. When it comes to a person of inspiration, Anastasia is more connected to historical figures and their life stories. 

‘‘I don’t have a single person, but rather many different personalities throughout the world history, who I admire and who inspire me. Women, who conquered the hearts of kings and whole nations with their beauty, intelligence and charm.’’ 

No day looks the same in Anastasia’s life. She can be in her atelier in Zurich, working on a new collection or interacting with a client or a journalist. If she’s not doing that, it could be that she attends a fashion event to build the right connections in a business that has its barriers.

‘‘This is why I love this job so much – it’s very challenging and not always easy, but never boring!’’

When it comes to her designs, the expectations are very high. They must be gorgeous, fit well and be comfortable at the same time. 

‘‘This is not an easy goal, but with hard work, attention to detail and dedication it is possible.’’ 

In the next five years she hopes, that “the Anastasia dress” becomes a recognized term not only in the fashion industry, but also wins the hearts of millions of women worldwide. 

‘‘When you start a fashion brand, you do in the beginning several jobs, not only yours as a fashion designer, but also for a public relations-, production-, sales- and human resources managers as well. On the one hand you’re a designer, an artist, a “creative genius”. You live in your world, you have your inspirations and the world around you doesn’t exist. On the other hand, you are an entrepreneur - without emotions, perfectly organized and structured. To combine these two completely different characters in one person is quite a challenge. My advice to the young generation? Be afraid of nothing, love what you do, work hard and never give up!’’ 

Anastasia’s designs are indeed a work of art, full of passion and love. Love, that she can’t live without.

‘‘It is the most important thing in life, absolutely indispensable. It gives us strength and inner peace. Feeling love and being surrounded by it is the essence of life.”