EWA BORIN : Swedish artist and entrepreneur

Ewa Borin, a Swedish artist, and entrepreneur who focuses on art
without excluding other exciting projects. She has a background as
a project manager, sales manager, and CEO.

She has decided to re-launch the baby food app, 10-Minute Baby
à la Carte, this spring. Any entrepreneur knows that you need to be
innovative and not to give up easily, traits that Ewa possesses.
“I have, along with talented developers, re-launched the baby food
app 10-Minute Baby à la Carte. I am proud of the result and what
we have achieved. The idea for the app was born while I was on
maternity leave with my son. I wanted to show how easy it is to prepare
your own baby food as an alternative to all of those jars. You
also get to choose 100 % of the ingredients, so there’s no need to
worry about any less-than-wholesome additives. Giving your baby
home-made meals is great from a nutritional, environmental, social
and financial perspective.”

Tell us how everything started, and what inspired you.

‘‘Art has been part of my life for a long time, but recently it has
become an increasingly important aspect of my working life as well.
As a child, I drew pictures and painted with watercolors. The artistic
vein has always been in my family. My mother, for example, is
skilled at drawing, far better than I am, and we have as long as I can
remember created together.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

‘‘I have found my niche through working in oils and digitally. I´m
triggered by the dynamic aspects as well as the difference between
these two techniques. My oil paintings are large and have lots of
color and emotion. I favor a layer-on-layer technique using palette
knives, brushes, fabric, my hands or whatever tool works best for
the idea and the emotion I am trying to portray. Experimenting and
mixing techniques are important aspects of my creative process to
achieve a 3D effect and a depth in my paintings.’’

Where do you find the inspiration for your art?

‘‘I get inspiration from love, nature, the city, encounters, music,
fashion and my frame of mind.’’

Is there a person that is inspiring you?

‘‘Not one – MANY My family is my biggest source of inspiration.
I´m inspired by artists like Lars Lerin and August Strindberg. His
paintings are amazing, always with a lot of feeling and drama. There
are so many musicians who inspire me. I love to create and listen
to music.’’

How is your every day at work, and how do you feel about it?

‘‘Most of the time I enjoy my working days. Different working
challenges and tasks inspire me. At the same time, different types
of tasks within different business areas require high demands on
planning, structure, and balance, which sometimes can be challenging.’’

What do you love the most about your art?

‘‘When I create, I’m free. In art I am free. Art is one of a few areas
where I do not claim performance, where I do not have to perform
and deliver. I’m not particularly self-critical when I create. I’m usually
happy with my creation. Of course, it happens that I refuse and
start over again, but in most cases, I am happy with the result.”

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

“As far as art is concerned, I believe I have reached a larger global
audience. I will also participate in several international contexts
such as art shows, exciting collaborations, etc. In my entrepreneurship,
I have some interesting business ideas I want to develop and
evaluate. The baby food app will be translated into several languages
as Chinese and Russian and will continue to develop and be
refined. I will also develop an app adapted to the needs of a bigger
child and their families. I work with a volunteer organization that
helps children get a better future.”

What is the struggle you found on your way when you decided to
become an artist, and what is your advice to the young generation
who wants to follow the same steps as you?

“My advice is to learn more and develop yourself in different ways.
Learn more than one thing. Work with more than one thing. Be
open-minded. Even though the job it’s not exactly what you want
to work with for the moment, it can give you a lot in the long run.
It´s important to get an education that gives you a good foundation
to build on, not only art-oriented education. Unfortunately, there are
very few artists who actually can live on the revenues from selling
their art.”

Name 8 products/tech/...etc. Can’t you live without?

“I have come to realize that there are very few things you really
need. People I care about and staying healthy are the most important
things to me.
A necklace I received from a close friend who went away far too
young means a lot to me.
When working: my Mac Book, mobile, Fuji Film camera, some programs
where I create my digital artworks, my palette knives, brushes
and oil colors. Fashion: my vintage Chanel bag, my Burberry
trench, and my Hermès scarfs which can add glamor to any look.”