The ladies behind Drakenberg Sjölin

Drakenbergsgatan Sjölin is a Swedish brand with Scandinavian jewelry design inspired by nature. It was founded in 2009 by Andrea Drakenbergsgatan (37) and Ellen Sjölin (37).

They have a beautiful store in Old Town and approximately 100 retailers in Scandinavia and Europe. It started with jewelry, but now they also have a home collection. Everything is in metal. The jewelry is available in silver and gold. They now have six employees in the company, which is growing steadily and organically. From the beginning, the focus was entirely on Sweden but now broadened slowly but surely. The brand is very popular in England.


Andrea studied at the College of Arts, Ellen was studying economics. Andrea has always been creative and been involved in various forms of art and dreamed of starting something of her own, but didn’t want to do it alone. Ellen had a bank job and dreamed of doing something more creative. They had dinner together and discussed their plans. A few months later they started Drakenberg Sjölin.

Ellen has oversight and responsibility for the economic part. She has more track on the whole, packaging, and track of the brand. Andrea has an eye for the details and actual craftsmanship, she comes from a craft background and did everything by hand in the beginning. They worked together in developing the concept and developed products that would be efficient to produce, with a fine craft in the foundation and with reasonable pricing.

Why jewelry?

- I have always been creative and poured on the various art forms and tweaking. I love the craft. I Grotto me down in the details, and therefore it was natural to create something that is small I think. The metal material is also very good to work with, I think. Then I thought that it was difficult to find jewelry that I myself wanted to wear. Fast trends and changes are not something that I'm attracted to. I want to create something that endures and that is just beautiful, I like. It is important for us. Both are v

Where does the interest in nature come from?

- Dad is a botanist and Mom's a biology teacher. That has certainly been of great importance. It is very much childhood memories that inspires me I believe, and also a fascination for nature. It is a kind of irregular harmony that I feel enticed by. Raw, unpolished elegance. It inspires the jewelry we do.

How is your creative process?

- I often begin by sketching. Either directly on paper or on the computer. Or so I create directly in the material. Works with loose parts and combine them together until the design is. It can take a long time for an idea matures, I have sketches that are waiting for a very long sometimes. It is a slow process and we also want to have it so. We always strive for timelessness. No fast trends and nothing is taken out of the range either.

What is your own relationship to jewelry?

- The only jewelry I use is from Drakenberg Sjölin. Most often, my favorite is the latest piece we have done, but other than that I can not pick out a favorite. I design things that I like to wear. I love to create with everyday life in focus. From work to dinner and all times in between. There are many men who like our design too and we've actually done some cuff-links, which is fun!