Dar El Sadaka - A Time machine back to your childhood

In the heart of a palm oasis, only a 15-minute drive from the walls of the Red City, Marrakesh; lies a privately owned estate: Dar El Sadaka.Travellers from all over the world are welcomed into this playful and truly magical estate for holidays and private events. 

The estate is owned and was designed by the French artist Jean-François Fourtou, with further redecorations by his friend, the artist Philippe Forrestier.Together, they created this remarkable hideaway, which gives the visitor an exceptional artistic experience not seen anywhere else. You could easily argue that Dar El Sadaka is the perfect retreat for art lovers with high expectations.Now living and working in Marrakesh, Fourtou became famous in the 1990s for his characteristic sculptures of animals. One of his most recognised sculptures is the giraffe, after which a suite within the estate is named. Fourtou was inspired by the French sculptor and animalier (animal painter), François Pompon.Fourtou is less interested in animals from a naturalist’s point of view than Pompon – the former explores youth and playfulness within his work. Besides using animals as inspiration, Fourtou is interested in playing with perception, so that large-scale objects appear small, and vice versa. 

At Dar El Sadaka, guests can expect to find the unexpected, such as a giant sheep placed next to the swimming pool, leading them to wonder what else there is to explore. Fourtou’s famous sculptures of animals and architectural constructions at Dar El Sadaka include the “House Fallen From The Sky” and the “Giant’s House”.With its large living areas and outdoor spaces, Dar El Sadaka composes seven suites and two on-suite bedrooms, which are distributed throughout the estate. Each suite has a theme associated with his work, all with adorning interiors that enable the guest to take a peek inside the artist’s universe.The surrounding area within the estate is just as spectacular as the inside, from giant mattresses covered in fragrant flowers cushioned under an olive tree, to a giant pumpkin field. 

Guests can easily spend hours exploring the property, trying to unlock its mystery.When it comes to the cuisine, meals at Dar El Sadaka are refined, yet authentic. The main influence comes from Moroccan and French cuisine, and there is great attention on the use of organic products. Jams are homemade, honey comes from the property’s beehives and the estate produces its own cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Vegetables and herbs grow in the garden. During their stay, guests can enjoy a dinner under the Tree of 1001 Candles, and find themselves drawn into the lavish oriental atmosphere. Others may want to may want to take a time machine back to their childhood at the Giant’s House, where everything is disproportionately huge, giving guests the chance to explore everything through the eyes of a child. 

Dar El Sadaka’s unusual combination of luxury and calmness, contemporary art, and unique interior design; alongside the deeply-rooted Moroccan tradition of hospitality that surrounds the estate, gives it a remarkable setting where visitors can take an unforgettable vacation with family or friends.