The first magazine and members’ club exclusively for women launches in Sweden, home of the first feminist government

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Wednesday 28 February 2018

The first magazine and members club exclusively for affluent millionaire women has launched in Stockholm.

For years, men have been members of clubs and networks around the world while women have been cast to one side. But things are changing and here in Stockholm, home of the first feminist government, we have launched Le Prestige Woman, a publication and club exclusively for affluent women.

Members are invited to connect with other like-minded women to share ideas and build networks.

The invitation-only members’ club aims to connect successful women from around the world, starting with Sweden, before taking the magazine to Oslo and Copenhagen.

Members of Le Prestige can benefit from a lifestyle management assistant, to help with day-to-day tasks, and enjoy exclusive networking events.

The high editorial quality focuses on fashion, travel and features interviews with influential women and entrepreneurs from around the world. Members will benefit from online interaction with one another and have the opportunity to network at our events.

Founder and editor-in-chief Yasmine Blidi says: “We believe that the exclusive format of the magazine is what sets it apart from others. By reaching successful women, we can connect and together we can achieve something greater. We believe that women, as a group are more powerful than as individuals. For years, men have had privileged, exclusive clubs where women were not allowed. It’s time the tables were turned”.

Note to editors

Le Prestige Magazine launched in Swedish language in 2016. The magazine launched the members’ club and its first English language edition in late 2017.

Circulation in Stockholm: 9,000

Frequency: Quarterly

Age: 25-60

Readers in Stockholm earn a confirmed minimum income of 1m SEK per annum

Le Prestige Magazine is printed with Printall, distributed by Bring Citymail and controlled by and member of Swedish Magazine Publishers Association.

Le Prestige Woman is a Scandinavian platform for national and international fashion and lifestyle brands to connect with affluent, urban women.

It’s easy enough to shop online and ship internationally, but it’s hard to find your niche and a reach the preferred audience for high quality and luxury brands.

This is why Le Prestige Woman has created the first women members’ only club magazine that introduces brands to the right audience.

Le Prestige Woman quarterly magazine ''Le prestige Magazine" is not just a magazine, but also a lifestyle. By arranging exclusive Scandinavian shows and events, and building long-lasting relationships with our readers, our clients, advertisers and partners experience lasting growth.

The magazine is by invitation only, so the audience is represented exclusively by consumers with the proven means to buy the luxury products and experiences advertised.

We have generated over 56,000 followers on Instagram, and the magazine is now expanding into Copenhagen and Oslo.

The rich and diverse array of content is written and researched by experienced journalists and industry experts, ensuring exclusive, intelligently written content in keeping with the readers’ passions.


Content includes: Fashion, beauty, travel, jewellery and watches, culture, living and business. Frequency: Quarterly Age: 25-60 Readers in Stockholm earn a confirmed minimum income of 1m SEK per annum Readers in Copenhagen earn a confirmed minimum income of 1m DKK per annum Readers in Oslo earn a confirmed minimum income of 1m NOK per annum Le Prestige Magazine circulation and distribution is controlled by and proud member of