Riad Cherifa - in the heart of Chefchauen


This cozy hotel is located on a quiet street in the Blue Pearl of The North - which is Chefchauen. Behind a beautiful door that has the color of Chefchauen - Blue as the sky. After a hot day in the mountains, exploring the surroundings it’s a pleasure to take a bath in the mosaic pool, and have some mint tea and traditional snacks in the inner garden.

Riad Cherifa opened recently and has 4 suites and 8 rooms available. All are exclusively equipped individually and with attention to detail.

The Riad combines two former Chaouener houses and has retained its basic elements of Andalusian-Moroccan architecture. Here the Chauen traditions are very much alive and well preserved and maintained. The cultural heritage is kept and combined with modern elements. Lounges, terraces, a variety of comfortable seating and a small garden invite you to relax. Everywhere the love of decorative art can be seen: artful mosaics, woodwork, plaster carvings, ornamental painted wooden ceilings and doors, antique and stylish furniture, unusual chairs, fountains and ornate gallery and window bars.

The artful design of the interior design and the inspiration for the decorative design bear the signature of Meriam, the Patrona of the Riad. Her husband is the owner of Casa Hassan in Chaouen. Upscale exquisite products of local crafts, textile such as carpets, tablecloths, ceiling and embroidered curtains, pillow arrangements, lamps, crystal chandeliers and lighting installations, antique tables and chairs as well as paintings, watercolors, graphics and historical photographs, flowers, and plants decorations are a feast for the eyes, the senses bless and intellect and stimulate.

The interior is cozy, traditional and the colorful. It has all that you look for in a traditional Moroccan house. Rich colors such as warm red, deep blue, natural whites, emerald green and warm brown tones. It’s decorated in a way that feels welcoming and open.

A large-scale, exquisitely equipped Hammam gives an opportunity to Spa. After sightseeing and excursions in the beautiful surroundings of Chefchauen, you can relax with the panoramic views of the city in the small garden or on one of the plant and flower-decked terraces. Or you can relax in the blue mosaic pool.

In case of rain or cold, you can head up to the roof of the Patio that is decorated with glass mosaics. The sunroofs offer protection and in the homely warmth by the fireplace, you can delve into the house library.

The kitchen is supplied with drinks and the delicious products of the local cuisine. Breakfast is served in a traditional Moroccan way with all the local delicacies.