Mr. Murad Osmann & Mrs. Nataly Osmann

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Ordinary people with full-time jobs, who just work hard to realize the dreams and travel goals. They love each other and the world around! Murad has his own company "Hype Production" in Moscow, which makes films, music videos, commercials, this year their ad "Imagine" for S7 (Russian airlines brand) won Cannes Lions. Nataly is a journalist, she works for 15 years as a correspondent and TV host.

-When & were was the first time they meet each other?

Their mutual friend introduced them to each other at shootings, where Nataly was a model, and Murad was one of the photographers.

-How did the follow me project started?

It has all started in Barcelona in October 2011 during the first trip together. Nataly wanted to see everything, from the mountain of Tibidabo and cathedral of Sagrada de Familia to Tapas bars of Barcelona. Murad kept on taking photos, as it always was his favorite travel-part. At one time he wanted to take a photo of Nataly, but she got shy and turned, grabbing his arm, and dragged him forward...As you can understand, it didn’t stop him from taking a picture even then. So they made a photo accidentally but really liked it later. Posted it on Instagram, created a hashtag. And started to post more this kind of photos later under the same hashtag – so that’s how the project began.

-What is there tips for any other couples out there to enjoy their life together?

Just be yourself, no matter what the others say, try to help and support each other, despite all the problems, share your love and show it every minute of your lives.

-Any Russian places to visit, brands they'd recommended?

Nataly adores Russian natural cosmetics from Siberia - Natura Siberica, they are sold all over the world, and the products are brilliant and effective. She also loves Russian designers a lot, Maya is her favorite brand.

Murad recommends to go to St. Petersburg & Moscow - great architecture and history, Sochi - perfect for ski and sunbath, Lake Baikal - the greatest lake in the world and far East - there are unforgettable volcanos, geysers, mountains there.

-Name there top 5 destinations they've traveled & fall in love with ? and they would definitely recommend to any couple to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Jordan, Ma'in

Not far from the Jordanian capital Amman, passing the Dead Sea, you'll find a hidden in the mountains town of Ma'in. It is located in a valley and separated from the civilization with a massif. It is famous not only with unique location - there are thermal springs straight from the bowels of the earth, the water reaches 60-80 degrees Celsius! I recommend staying at my favorite hotel Six Senses. If you want to be alone with your own thoughts, then it is the best place ever ... A place of solitude and strength.

France, San Paul de Vence

On the Cote d'Azur, between Nice and Cannes, there is a small, creative town, a home for many painters and sculptors, musicians and other talented people. And so it lasts for decades .. Visit the famous restaurant "Golden Dove" - ou need to reserve a table in advance in this restaurant, where the originals by Picasso hang. When he lived in this town, he paid for dinners with his works. The perfect place for art and inspiration!

India, Varanasi

In the heart of India, in an hour's flight from Delhi, there is a holy city of Shiva, the city where cremation takes place 24 hours a day, the city where every Hindu dream to die. It is believed that if you die a natural death in Varanasi, you stop the cycle of rebirth. This is the most unusual city on the whole planet, there is no time here, it is frozen between life and death ... "Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even than a legend, and it looks twice older as all of them put together."

Brazil, Iguazu

In the south of Brazil, on the border with Argentina, you'll find Iguazu waterfalls, and let the Argentines argue that the view from their part is better. This place is total admiration by the strength and majesty of nature when the eyes do not believe what they see. Go on rubber boats to tour under the waterfalls to see this power not only from above but from inside as well. Boat rides on the furious river, right under the waterfalls! At this moment you are like on the verge of hysteria and delight and can't even hear a single word of your neighbor. The trip is filmed, so an unforgettable experience will stay with you forever.
USA, Los Angeles

This is the city where a dream come true... a real paradise for a creative person, as everyone come here to fulfill their dream ... and someone succeeds. Even a wall with graffiti is a masterpiece here. We advise renting a helicopter to see the City of Angels from the height - unique shots are guaranteed!

-What's the worse relation mistake in their opinion?

Fear of love and fail of 100% trust to each other

-What's the most fun part about the follow me project?

When Nataly changes her clothes in different extreme places, and when the police try to catch them while shooting in the prohibited places.

-Share with us a quote that inspires them.

Only two things we’ll regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little traveled.
— Mark Twain
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