Zil Pasyon - The ultimate in exclusivity

Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort is situated on a private island on the eastern side of the Seychelles, accessible by a 20-minute helicopter ride from Seychelles International Airport. Guests who prefer to arrive in a more leisurely fashion can sail by yacht from the island of Mahé. 


Zil Pasyon (Passion Island) opened on the island of Félicité in October 2016, making it the most recent addition to the Six Senses portfolio. Félicité is the fifth largest island in the archipelago, home to Ramos National Park in the south and Zil Pasyon in the north. The resort overlooks the uninhabited Cocos Island, a designated National Park surrounded by waters swimming with dolphins, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. 


Each of the Six Senses resorts are built with the philosophy of preserving the natural world around it, and this is certainly the case at Zil Pasyon. Elements of this ethos can be seen throughout the resort – from the sustainable, environmentally conscious architecture (villas are built on stilts to aerate the interiors) to the organic fruit and vegetable gardens. Fresh drinking water is created using a reverse osmosis system, eliminating the need for plastic bottles, while the island’s ecosystem has been encouraged to thrive. 


Although the island is otherwise uninhabited, the resort is far from remote and offers much in the way of entertainment and activities. New arrivals will be greeted by a Guest Experience Maker (GEM) to help organize unique experiences. 


Taste a slice of Eden and see endangered birds at the Unesco world heritage site Vallée De Mai, one of only two places in the world where the rare Coco de Mer palm tree grows in its natural state. Or kayak around the turquoise shores of Cocos Island. Relax in the evenings with a private viewing of a film of your choice with Cinema Under The Stars. If you’re traveling with children, the Kids Club can entertain while you venture out for the day. 


When the foundations of the hotel were being laid, landscape architects collected seeds from other islands in the Seychelles in order to reintroduce plants that had been destroyed by earlier settlers, and as a result, the island is more ecologically diverse than at any time in its recorded history. Six Senses is also responsible for the reintroduction of birds such as the Seychelles magpie robin, Seychelles whiteye, Seychelles warbler and the paradise flycatcher – which had long since vanished from the island. 


The Six Senses Integrated Wellness programme is unique to the brand, and goes beyond the usual offerings of a spa to offer a comprehensive, holistic series of treatments, starting with a health screening to determine any underlying stressors. The programme is tailored to guests’ needs. It incorporates exercise, alternative therapies, spa treatments, as well as yoga, meditation and mindfulness to balance the nervous system. 


The choice of six food and drink venues includes the no-meat Ocean Kitchen, which serves fresh and simple cuisine from local waters, such as line-caught grilled red snapper in banana leaf; and The Chef’s Kitchen, where up to six diners can interact with the chef as dinner is prepared. Breakfast and dinner can be eaten at Island Café – expect Seychellois home cooking with African, European and Indian influence. 


For drinks, head to Lakanbiz, which serves up a range of aged rums and Cuban cigars or the poolside Koko Bar, open all day. The Wine Cellar offers tasting sessions and an impressive collection of vintage and modern bouquets. 


The attention to detail extends to every aspect of the holidaymaker’s stay at Zil Pasyon. Few resorts have managed such a feat.