Rosewood Beijing - Contemporary design


The Rosewood story began in 1979 when a historic mansion in Dallas, Texas was transformed into an acclaimed, world-class restaurant and hotel – The Mansion on Turtle Creek – which success was the blueprint for all subsequent Rosewood hotels and resorts.

The ambition was to create a distinctive collection of luxurious, residential-style hotels:  each property would deliver a one-of-a-kind ambiance and style, in which location, culture, history, and geography would become part of the hotel.

Rosewood Beijing

Opened in 2014. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ first hotel in China, this 283-room Beijing 5-star hotel presents contemporary surroundings that are warm, refined and serene. With residential-style layouts that are amongst the largest in the city, the hotel’s guest rooms will evoke sensations of luxury apartment living. Natural finishes and textural overlays, spacious bathrooms and walk-in closets, non-traditional, residential elements and subtle Oriental overtones complete the sophisticated, homelike surroundings.

Rosewood Beijing features six restaurants and lounges serving an array of authentic international cuisines, a spa with suites designed for overnight stays, indoor swimming pool, gym, yoga studio and meeting and event spaces. The hotel offers more landscaped outdoor space than any other Beijing luxury hotel, with terraces, gardens, and balconies incorporated into the design of many of the restaurants, leisure facilities, and event venues.


This ultra-luxury hotel features some of the best restaurants in Beijing, offering exquisite cuisine and exceptional service in a Chinese-influenced, modern atmosphere. Each dining experience at Rosewood Beijing is a journey filled with sophistication and delicious delights. With six restaurants and lounges focusing on traditional Chinese cuisine, Asian flavors and European-inspired dishes, guests can savor an extraordinary dining destination. Each dining venue delivers attentive service and refined tastes that will surely exceed expectations.

Located right at the heart of China’s bustling capital, Rosewood Beijing is a place where age-old traditions merge beautifully with this era’s exciting possibilities. The experience subliminally and symbolically mirrors the ageless Chinese concept of journey and welcome: of travelers arriving at imposing city gates and passing through fine gardens, engaging with their hosts and delighting in unexpected experiences and surroundings, before finally, as though ascending through a classic Chinese mountainscape, arriving at their own private aerie and relaxing retreat.

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Ancient Chinese artistic legacies and cultural beliefs are reinterpreted in novel ways, resulting in stunning artworks that enrich the public and private spaces. The collection also serves as a doorway to China’s distant past, peeling back the layers of the present to reach the core of Chinese culture - its old customs, ancient rites and enduring art forms.

Rosewood Beijing’s art and artistry in all things – which in totality create a “living canvas” – extends to the most private of spaces, in the guest rooms themselves. Both homelike and refined, they are filled with the luxury of simple pleasures, from contemporary art to accessories, books, and fine accouterments.

Rosewood Beijing blends cultural touchstones, architectural traditions, and contemporary style to reflect the history, art, and vibrancy of Beijing. Its intimate connection to its location allows guests to embark upon their own personal journeys of authentic and exquisite discoveries within one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.



Sense spa at Rosewood Beijing opened in 2015, debuting an inspirational concept centered on the principles of simplicity, purity and well-being.  The Sense spa in the Chinese capital joins 11 distinctive Rosewood Sense® spas worldwide, from Mexico and Caribbean resorts to New York and other world cities.      

The Sense experience in Beijing is both holistic and authentic, from the use of exquisite natural bamboo linens to premium quality organic essential oils.  The finest indigenous raw ingredients are paired fluidly with timeless health and beauty rituals. 

The surroundings of Sense incorporate the healing benefits of nature.  The pool area is encased by a soaring domed glass roof that allows natural light to flood the space, while the flames of candlelight encircle the still water at night.

Spa suites are designed in keeping with the Sense concept to include some with open-air balconies and lush greenery.  Five of the 11 spa suites are ultra-spacious at 65 to 91 square meters for the luxurious option of overnight stays.