Indulge with me to Vienna

Skärmbild (1671).png

I am sure I am not the only one who falls in love with Vienna after seeing the James Bond Movie "The Living Daylights", with its imperial sights and baroque buildings. Therefore, when I finally got the chance to visit Vienna, I made sure to select the experiences who had the Viennese Charm to get the most out of my first visit to Vienna.

We arrived in the nighttime, so I didn't get the chance to see that much from my taxi window. However, when we arrived at our first hotel "Sacher" all I could see is the stunning Vienna State Opera right in front of our hotel.
Hotel Sacher reception was very welcoming and uniquely charming, a true living tradition with excellent service and state-of-the-art furnishings.

While walking in the hall to reach the elevator, you will find photos of all famous people who have ever visited Hotel Scher, among of them  Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II, Rudolph Nureyev and Herbert von Karajan.

Our room had a fresh blue chinoiserie wallpaper on the walls followed by a harmonic atmosphere and a genuine sense of individual well-being. Luxurious marble bathroom and a stunning view over Vienna State Opera.

The next day we went sightsing around in the city center. We took the opportunity to visit one Library, church and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the old town.

After reviewing the Sacher Hotel, it was time for us to live to the next Hotel. The Imperial is Vienna's most exclusive five-star hotel, not located next to the Opera House, but its façade in the Italian Neo-Renaissance style makes it unique and eye-catching. Also, known for its numerous famous guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Chaplin and the Emperor and Empress of Japan. Besides, It had some infamous guests "Adolf Hitler" who worked at the hotel as a day laborer during his youthful period, returned as an honored guest following the 1938 Anschluss.

When you step inside the Imperial hotel, you can notice the nineteenth-century Viennese elegance with embellished marble and massive crystal chandeliers. We stayed in one of the exceptional Premier Suites. I spent many pleasant hours relaxing in the suite and luxurious bubble baths with Bulgari amenities.

Later at night, we got invited to experience the Vegan Michelin* Restaurant TIAN. The founded Christian Halper follow a strict philosophy of using only fresh and seasonal ingredients.  

We tasted Ten courses of excellent creative vegetarian dishes, followed with a selection of fine wines by The awarded chef sommelier Matthias Riha.

I must say that Tian is on the top lists of my favorite restaurants, Not because of the warm welcoming or the friendly atmosphere but for its attention to details when it comes to taste and presentation, everything was just complete.
— Yasmine Blidi